Analytical Geometry Electronic Textbook  



To build an e-textbook as an additional material to existing printed textbook in order to help students in their coping with curriculum
The e-textbook should be developed by using possibilities of new technologies


Retain the structure of existing (printed) textbook
Enhance functionality of existing textbook by introducing:
     Geometric transformation of objects presented on figures
     Tool for searching through the e-textbook for some item
     Cross-referencing by concepts inside the e-textbook
     Bidirectional communication between a student and a professor
     Student's self-testing
Provide only authorized access
Incrementally enhance functionality of the e-textbook
Provide updating contents of the e-textbook according to need

Project duration: 2002-2005.

Project phases:

1. E-textbook core development
2. Maintaining and updating tools development
3. Bidirectional communication student/professor support development
4. Enabling self-testing process (for students)

Technologies used in project realization:

Internet access

Current status (September 2004) :

Realized: phases 1, 2 and 3. Participants in realization
Starts of phase 4 planed for beginning of November, 2004. Expecting to be realized until July 1st, 2005.


1. Anonymous user (demo only)
2. Authorized person (userid/password)

E-textbook homepage: